3 things you did not know about the archaeological zone of Tulum

The legendary archaeological zone of Tulum is among the most visited sites in Mexico and it is not surprising to understand why. Without a doubt, understanding a little more about this ancient and sacred place will show you the secrets they hide.

Located south of the strait known as the Riviera Maya, Tulum is full of white sand beaches, historical sites, and natural attractions. Among them, the incredible archaeological site of Tulum is an imposing structure in the rocks on the edge of a cliff above the Caribbean Sea.

The tower “El Castillo” was originally a lighthouse that guided ships to this important port that was the gateway to the Mayan kingdom.


1- Tulum was an old fortress

The name of Tulum was not always that, which means “trench” or “wall” in Mayan. The inhabitants of Tulum called their city Zamá, which means “Place of the Sunrise Sun”, as it was one of the first places to be touched by the sun in the morning.

The Mayans built the walls of this fortress as protection, which meant that they would keep out not only the marine invaders, but also other Mayans of a lower hierarchical order, as this city was made for the local bourgeoisie.


2- A port of entry to the city

Built as a key port for Cobá, which was one of the main cities of the Mayan kingdom in the 13th century, Tulum was an important human settlement, until the Spanish conquest. Once the conquest began to seize the ports and invade the Mayan populations, the last ancient inhabitants perished from the new diseases brought from the old continent.


3- A sacred space

Despite the importance of this ancient city, no more than 1,600 people inhabited Tulum. This means that in addition to a port of passage, Tulum was a ceremonial and sacred center where only the elite of the Mayan civilization had the right to belong.

In addition to the archaeological site, Tulum has many more attractions than you might imagine. The restaurants, cenotes and hotels on the beach are for all tastes and budgets; perfect for a romantic or family visit, it offers the option of being able to design the trip you want. Also, there are always special events in Tulum! Without a doubt, it is a great place to enjoy the incredible beauty of the waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

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